To propose advances in Quantitative Modeling and Computational Tools with relevance and impacts measurable at systems scale.



Such scale is becoming predominant in both biological and medical fields, due to the critical role played by next generation technologies and data-intensive applications.



Methods and Algorithms from Systems Theory, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Statistics, Machine Learning, Information Theory, Networks, Signal Processing will be investigated to conduct analysis and inference at complex systems scales.






To propose a systems approach and its application to medicine.



Compared to a reductionist approach that pervades medicine, a solution complementing it is given by a systems approach (as advocated by systems biology).



First, a systems perspective should have practical clinical significance in order to be of be any possible benefit and relevant impact in biomedical applications.



Often biomedical problems present characteristics of complexity and dimensionality that are difficult to decipher without utilizing both the integration of different sources of information and efficient, powerful and specifically designed computational pipelines.